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        December 23, 2016

        dixon & kendall

        Dixon and I have known Kendall since the day I wing-manned while he pulled out one of the corniest pickup lines of all time: "Can I get a picture with you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas...
        December 19, 2016


        Got to take the family photos for my number one favorite squad. It doesn't get better than a bunch of adorable cousins running around for an hour!
        December 19, 2016

        austin & emily

        Austin and Emily were the best study break before my final on Monday. So grateful to have been able to capture their sweet interactions and also grateful we didn't get kicked off of this property whil...
        December 15, 2016

        pure white

        This is a product shoot that I did for my friend Megan for her jewelry line, Pure White. We had a blast messing around at the sand dune for these!