Hi there!

I’m a Fredericksburg, Tx native, living in Waco but moving to Austin this January! I live with two of my very best friends and our undeniably pretentious cat, Touie. I just graduated from college at Baylor where I studied finance. People are always surprised when they find out I was a business major, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I am super energized by business strategy and creating beautiful images alike, and I will never stop pursuing both of these passions! Side note: I am actually in the process of launching a classic car rental, so if you are interested in booking a cute little ’66 mustang convertible for your wedding getaway, hit us up over at Carty’s Cars (http://cartyscars.com)!!

To me, the absolute most valuable thing about life is spending time with your people. The happiest moments of my life have been weekends spent on ranches: cooking, dancing, playing games, and swimming with friends that feel like family. Hot Texas days and warm summer nights feed my soul and make life sweet. I am the oldest of 5 siblings and have just about the coolest parents around. My family and friends are my biggest blessings and the desire to hold onto fleeting moments with them is a huge part of why I am passionate about helping you hold onto your moments too.

Since I have become a photographer, I have learned more and more about the importance of capturing the true relationship in front of my lens. Yeah, of course we will make y’all look great, but I also want to capture the details that are just purely YOU. I am always game to hike to a beautiful spot or go the extra mile for just the right image, but I am also so happy to just take pictures of you in the library corner where you met or the sidewalk where you had your first kiss. Pictures are about saving your most precious moments and most treasured memories. Put simply, I just want to showcase whatever is most important to you.

If you are looking for a photographer to just get the classic shots, I might not be the way to go. Of course we will get all of those also, because they are important! But I want to hike around, maybe get a little bit muddy, or run around in the rain with you! I want to see y’all be goofy and flirty and I promise I will be the most game 3rd wheel you’ve ever had!

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